It’s never a waste of our time

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 “Sorry doc, I hope this isn’t a waste of your time” is a commonly heard phrase in our daily clinics. This is normally followed by an awkward look as though the patient is embarrassed to raise the troubling question that they can’t get out of their head. Today we have access to a world of information in the palm of our hand which is truly amazing- but for some reason, this seems to provide more questions than answers at times. Indeed, “Dr Google” has become a well-known phrase for using Google Search to find the answer to any medical dilemma. As GPs we understand this, and a fundamental part of our job is to discuss our patients’ concerns and reassure them when the need arises.

Remember we will often have been patients or anxious parents ourselves, so we know exactly how it feels when you or your loved ones have symptoms and are worried about what could be wrong. It is human nature to think of the worst possible conditions- and it is often at this time that we look for answers and reassurance. Often at this time, we turn to our GP. As a GP, providing a reliable, understanding point of view is just as important as knowledge of how to diagnose and treat conditions. At Dr. Sicknote we provide online medical certificates and other services, but should you have any specific concern or worry, we will always listen to you and answer to the best of our ability.

So remember, the next time you have a question or concern that you just can’t get out of your head, don’t ask Dr Google, ask your GP. It’s never a waste of our time.

by Dr Ali Zavery

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