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At Dr Sicknote we’re passionate about helping the government, employers, tax payers and doctors to save time and money.

We’re proud of the Australian Healthcare System but it is estimated that medical certificate requests are costing Medicare in the region of $100 million annually. That’s enough to pay for over 1700 extra nurses or surgeries to give 2000 people heart bypasses AND treat 1500 people with colon cancer AND treat 6500 women for breast cancer!

Over in Britain it has been estimated that there are 22 million sick notes requested each year, which averages out to a whopping 577 per GP.

It’s time someone did something about this waste of resources and as a team of young doctors and entrepreneurs we’re giving it our best shot. We’re all for disrupting the medical system and helping the government in our small way to start reaping the benefits of technology, like other sectors have been doing for over a decade.

We are not about people ‘pulling sickies’. In fact, our long term goal is to reduce sick days from 9 days on average per person to 8 days.

Medical and taxpayer resources are precious, and our aim is to help patients, doctors and Medicare make the best use of these resources by allowing safe online access to some medical services where physical contact with a doctor is not required.

Think about it. If you’re sick the last thing you want to do is go out to a doctor’s. Staying at home should enable you to get better quicker.

We are 100% committed to providing a safe and efficient service incorporating new ways of delivering convenient healthcare online. We’d love to hear your feedback, contact us to let us know your thoughts.

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1. If we are unable to issue you a medical certificate, carer's certificate or repeat referral

2. If your document is not despatched via email the same day as your Video Consultation* we will give you your money back - guaranteed!

  • All our GPs are fully qualified Australian GPs who also work in traditional General Practice.
  • Our GPs have completed over 50,000 Consultations.
  • Over 2000 medical certificates issued.

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