By: Dr. Sicknote
Back in the 1800s the French called it “malingering”. These days Aussies refer to it as “chucking a sickie”. (In the UK, interestingly, you “pull a sickie”, rather than “chuck” it!) In any case, whether you lived in France in the 1800s or in modern day Australia, ...

Dr Sicknote- what’s in a name?

Posted on June 14, 2016
By: Aifric Boylan
Naming a new business can be a challenge. Ideally, it should be catchy and original- and it’s helpful if it tells the public what you actually do! As names go, Dr Sicknote is probably as straightforward as it gets: we are doctors, we provide sick notes! To some people, we kno...
female GP on laptop
By: Aifric Boylan
Since its birth a few months ago, Dr Sicknote has been providing online medical certificates to people all across Australia. As one of the GPs involved in providing this new service, it’s been a really interesting learning curve. In the 7 years since I qualified as a GP, social...
By: Dr. Sicknote
Melbourne does autumn so well- the trees turn every shade of red gold and orange, and fall wonderfully dry and kickable onto the city streets. The morning sun glares in the window with a low wintry brilliance that tells you you’ll need to wear your coat. The coffee drinkers no ...
By: Dr. Sicknote
Absenteeism is a massive cost to Australian employers, and thus to the Australian economy in general. A large survey published by the Australian Industry Group (AIG) in 2015 estimated that absenteeism directly costs organisations $578 per employee per day of absence. In direct co...
By: Dr. Sicknote
Aifric is a vocationally trained GP who practises in an outer suburb of Melbourne. She migrated to Australia in 2014, from Ireland.  She studied medicine at Trinity College Dublin and undertook her specialist training in General Practice in the greater Dublin area. She is marrie...

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